out of the shadows

a new writing festival

This festival celebrated new writing. Together with Theatre N16,
Colour & Light presented this brand new festival spanning over
three days. 12 writers were given the opportunity to write a brand
new piece and have it performed with a professional cast, have it directed by some of the U.K's best up and coming young directors, including likes of Kennedy Bloomer (The Hope Theatre, Artistic Director) and Lee Dillon Stuart (Big Room Theatre Company, Theatre In The Fields). This opportunity was free for all writers. 

The festival was a hugely important step for us as creatives; some of the pieces have continued on further, for example DMC by Amy Kitts has gone on to be performed at the Tristan Bates, and Exactly Different by Meg Pickup has inspired the creation of an all-female theatre collective, Exactly Different Theatre, who went on to perform Conversations With Ed at the Bread & Roses Theatre in Clapham. They continue to create their own work today.

we would like to thank

Theatre N16,

Stockwell Playhouse all of the writers, directors & performers

for their support.

The first night of this brand new festival promises to be a good one. From dystopian lands to bathroom slams, this evening showcases the very best of the young new writers in the UK today. You don't want to miss these fantastic new pieces of writing.

sunday 7th october, 2018.

DMC by Amy Kitts

Jammy Dodgers by Amy Tickner

TWISTA by David Garlick

Mayflies by Gemma Murray

We are very excited to share with you four fantastic pieces made by, performed by and directed by women. The night takes us from a call centre to a distant memory of a childhood bedroom, led by a fantastic female ensemble.

monday 8th october, 2018.

She had Beautiful Handwriting, For a Junkie by Megan Fellows

Exactly Different by Meg Pickup

Dear Peter by Evangeline Dickson

The Sound I Heard At 3.17 by Cressida Peever

On the final day of the festival we are showcasing a brand new musical and three exciting new plays. We have an adaption of a Greek tale, a evening in Heaven, Christmas at Nans and we take a look into the life of GIRL. This is going to be an evening to remember.

tuesday 9th october, 2018.

Freedom by Lee Dillon Stuart

Phi by Kara Taylor Alberts

Asbestos by Thomas Bird

Sonnet 61: Short People by Stella Kammel

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